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Wood pellet bulk delivery

Depending on your wood pellet heating system you will have to choose on the size of your storage bin that can hold enough pellets for the heating seasons. If you decide that you prefer wood pellet bulk delivery with our vacuum truck, you will need a minimum of 4-ton storage container regardless of your heating equipment.

This bulk storage hopper will need to be completely sealed to eliminate noticeable dust turbulence while loading the wood pellet. There is a variety of sizes that will suit your space limitation inside your basement or outside not far from your boiler room. In comparison with oil or propane heating system, the sizing of your container will need to meet the heating load demand require for the heating season.
Furthermore, your storage installation will need to be inspected by BSB team members prior taken any order of wood pellet bulk delivery.

Basic information on bulk delivery of wood pellets

Wood pellets are made from sawing or wood processing residue such as sawdust and shredded material. These wood residues are dried, crushed and granulated. The process is done under high pressure and does not require any chemical binder or glue. Pellets are generally made from a very dry mixture of hardwood and softwood which creates a high calorific value.

Pellets can be easily damaged during delivery, this will generate dust in and outside the hopper if not sealed.

The BSB delivery truck is specially equipped with a dust collection system that will suck up airborne dust while the granules are blown into the hopper.

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